Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Pray about Everything"

The other day, I decided I needed to get a bin down from the rafters in our garage. The hubby wasn't home, so I was balancing on the "this is not a step" of our swimming pool ladder. My five year old took one look at me trying to get down the large bin, and said, "Mommy, I'm going to pray for you." I could hear her mumble a quick prayer, and literally within seconds, I saw that the item I needed was hanging out of the bin. I was able to grab it without dragging down the entire bin, which could have been hazardous to my safety.
A few moments later, I was working on a project and misplaced the very thing needed to complete my project. I started to get frustrated, stood up, moved around, but I couldn't find it anywhere. Once again, my little girl said, "Well, Mommy, let's pray about it." I'm ashamed to admit, I didn't feel like praying about it, I was frustrated. Her sweet little voice started in a prayer, "Please help my Mommy find what she is looking for." She looked up and said, "I think God said, 'Just a minute.' " At that, I chuckled to myself. Bless her little heart. I continued on fiddling with my project, and then I saw it- the very item I had been looking for. I think perhaps, God did tell her, "Just a minute." In that moment, I realized my little girl had just taught me a very valuable lesson- "We really should pray about everything." Thank you, Lord, for this precious little girl, who seems to have a direct line with Heaven. I'm so thankful to be called her Mama.

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  1. so precious...and so like her mama when you were a little girl:) This is a special blessing to my soul - Alexis takes her salvations very seriously - and obviously she does have an open line of prayer with her Saviour:) Sounds like something that you should share to encourage others to say 'I Do" when it comes to prayer:) love you!