Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our Adventurous Outing

I had several things I wanted to accomplish today. First of all, I wanted to get my hair trimmed. Secondly, I wanted to get some fabric to make my oldest daughter a purse/bag. Thirdly, I needed to get some prizes for our treasure box for our Wednesday night class we teach. Fourthly, I needed to get some birthday presents and return an item at Target. Of course, those were just the places I wanted to go, not to mention the things I hoped to accomplish at home. Well, I did make it to all those places today, but not without incident.

I've decided that hair stylists are like children (or maybe it's children are like hair stylists.) You tell them an inch, and they take a mile. Well, obviously she didn't take a mile off my hair, but it was definitely several inches more than an inch. I had my girls with me, and you might wonder what does one do with her 5 year old and 2 year old while getting her hair cut. Well, I will admit, yes, I was one of those parents today. (hangs head in shame) I put a movie on my phone for them to watch. They behaved rather well, that is until above all talking, all music being played in the establishment, I could hear the theme song from "Strawberry Shortcake." The two gentlemen waiting to get their hair cut seemed only mildly disturbed, but when the scissors were lifted, I did rush to turn the volume down. Who knew that the iPhone had such loud speakers?

There was only mild chaos between Walmart and the Dollar Store, but then I had to make a quick trip to Target. Well, it was supposed to be quick. The two year old is quite obsessed with princess dresses, night gowns, etc. She happened to see this big, beautiful, puffy pink dress and decided she must have the newborn size. She is small for her age, but not nearly that small. I turned for a moment to find a match for this adorable skirt I found. Only to turn around and find my two year old only in her under clothing, which did not include a t-shirt or slip. She was almost completely "au natural." Oh bother, she was trying to put on that itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow- I mean, pink "princess" dress. After a few moments of tears, quick re-dressing, and promises of the beautiful, pink, princess dress in her size, our drama was over- or so I thought. I picked up a V-tech toy for a birthday present for my cute little nephew, and let the two year old play with it while I continued my "quick Target run." Apparently, the toy was a bit too distracting for her, because all of a sudden she cried, "Mama, I need to go potty." Then the five year old said, "She's going right now." You will never guess what she relieved herself on. Yes, you are correct. It was the beautiful, pink, princess dress. At that, I decided it was time to leave, whether I was finished or not. I did the cashier a favor by ripping off the tag of the princess dress and just handing it to her, instead of making her touch the "you know what" dress. Well, I guess you can say my life is far from boring, as long as they call me mama.

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