Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Letter to my Youngest

To my Youngest Child,
 After attending two weddings now in the last year, you are completely obsessed with the idea of getting married. You constantly plan it similarly to how other children plan their birthday parties. When you taste something that you like, you declare it as the kind of food you want at your wedding. Recently at Walmart, you found some silk flowers that you also stated would be perfect for your wedding. Perhaps I should be taking note of all the preparations you are currently making. :) Or maybe your preferences will change a bit in the next 20 years or so.

Last Saturday at lunch, you were troubled because you didn't know who you were going to marry when you grew up. In order to put your mind at ease, I asked if you just wanted Mommy and Daddy to pick out your husband for you. To this, you readily agreed. Daddy said we needed to get this in writing. I am inclined to agree.

You recently heard your older brother singing, "Here comes the bride, all fat and wide. Here comes the groom as skinny as a broom. Here comes the usher, the old toilet flusher." You love this rendition of the wedding march and sing it often. You think it is hilarious- every. single. time.

Oh Baby, you are such a little drama queen, and we completely adore you! Please stay a four year old forever!


This is you in the Halloween aisle at Target. I was looking for a Rapunzel costume, and you were in the next aisle. You called out, "Mo-om, look at me!" I may or may not have screamed when I saw you.

This is you being your sweet self, which you are most of the time. ;)

This is you last Christmas getting ready to go ice skating. After we waited for 30 minutes and paid about $70, we got in to go ice skating. After once around the rink, you had to go the bathroom, and then we weren't allowed back in. At least you looked cute! ;)

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